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Welcome to Luciditi Age Assurance

Replace “I am 18+” or I am 21+” self-asserted age confirmation dialogs with anonymous age assurance using secure, privacy preserving, Digital Identity Technology.

The Luciditi Age Assurance plugin ensures that your visitors meet age restrictions when accessing your site or purchasing certain products.

Operating as an ‘Age Gate’ (for site-wide restriction on entry) or on a ‘Per-product’ basis via WooCommerce integration, you can prevent under age visitors accessing your entire site or buying specific products unless verified at checkout.

It does all this with minimum friction, giving the user maximum choice and only challenging further when necessary.

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How it works

Using AI-based Age Estimation, it allow users who are clearly adults to breeze through your age check using nothing more than a selfie.  Age assurance is bypassed for future visits using the same browser and optionally for any user who has been verified on another site using Luciditi Age Assurance.

Anyone who could be younger than minimum age will be asked for proof using a valid government photo ID before the check is passed. To account for people looking older or younger than they actually are, a tolerance is built-in to every estimation.  So for example, an 18 year old will almost certainly be asked to provide photo ID for an 18+ check whereas a 28 year old will gain access with just a selfie.


To protect from bypass attempts, we use technology to prevent spoofing of selfies. These spoofs, called presentation attacks, include printed photos, cutout masks, digital and video replay attacks, and 3D latex masks. Our ‘liveness’ counter measures are certified to iBeta Level 2 (ISO 30107-3). Such checks, layered on top of our estimation and where necessary, document and holder assurance make it very difficult for underage visitors to access your content.

Geolocation and VPN Detection

Sites that operate the same site in multiple territories can selectively choose which countries or regions Age Assurance applies and optional use of VPN detection technology prevents visitors attempting to use a VPN to circumvent your restrictions.

Fast Access with the Luciditi App

Visitors who have already verified their identity in the Luciditi App can gain access with a few taps, no selfie and no physical ID.

Offering Users even more Choice

We also offer other forms of verification such as Mobile Network Operator lookup and (in the UK) Open Banking via our partner OneID. Providing users with so many options to verify their age ensures maximum chance that your age requirements are met without losing customers.

Data Security and Privacy

The great news for site owners and visitors is that no personal information is ever returned to your site.  Verification happens externally in the highly secure environment of the Luciditi Digital Identity Platform.  This plugin only receives a “true” or “false” indicator which is all that is required to grant or deny access.

The plugin does NOT store:

  • Selfies or biometric data used to perform age-estimation
  • Names, addresses, ages or dates of birth
  • ID document details of any kind

The plugin DOES store:

  • Date and time, and browser information of Age Assurance verification Event and if successful or not.
  • A unique age assurance identifier tied to a cookie stored on the users device so that they are able to bypass age assurance checks on their next visit.

Users always remain anonymous when using this plugin keeping their personal data safe and without increasing the amount of sensitive data handled by your site.  It’s a win-win for everyone!

Installing Luciditi Age Assurance for WordPress

First you’ll need a Luciditi Business Account.

You can sign for a Luciditi Business account by clicking thge free trial button below. You’ll receive a link in order that we can verify your business and ask at least one person from your organisation to undergo ID verification.

Once your account and a responsible individual is verified you’ll be able to access the API key needed. All you need to do then is:

  1. Install the Luciditi Age Assurance WordPress plugin and click Settings
  2. [General]: Enable as an Age Gate or WooCommerce mode
  3. [General]: Set your minimum age and retention period
  4. [API Credentials]: Add your API Key and site identifier
  5. [Landing Pages & Styling]: Add you logo, override any colours, set button and greeting text.
  6. [General]: Tick enable and then hit Save
  7. [WooCommerce]: Set desired age on restricted products or categories
  8. Publish and visit your site!



Luciditi Age Assurance for WordPress Pricing is straight forward and does not require an annual API Integration License unlike our SDK. We offer a annual subscription based on anticipated usage billed monthly or quarterly along with any overages from the previous period.

The cost of an ‘age estimation’ check is low whereas ‘age verification’ is a more expensive (mainly due to the document verification anti-fraud counter measures or transactional cost of Mobile Network Operator Lookups required to make it safe). In broad terms, the prices per transaction reduces as volumes increase.

There are no charges when a visitor chooses not to start the age assurance process. Charges only apply when a user clicks start.