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Easily integrate Age Estimation, Age Verification and Identity Verification flows without re-inventing the wheel

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Types of Integration

Typical use cases

Remote Identity Verification (IDV) / Re-Verification

  • Remotely capture proof that individuals are who they say they are
  • Confirm individuals are within a given territory and age limit
  • Embed the Luciditi UI for Remote ID Verification OR hand-off to the Luciditi mobile app
  • Request confirmation of valid identity for periodic and ongoing re-validation
  • Re-use existing Luciditi Digital Identity
  • Respond via Glass Vault Digital Escrow when confirmation, not supporting data is required

Applies to

  • Gambling Apps and Websites
  • Financial & Legal Applications
  • Social Media Applications
  • Employee Onboarding

Passwordless Authentication (FIDO2)

  • Add passwordless authentication (FIDO2) instead of (or in addition to) passwords with OTP
  • Two-tap user Login
  • User self-registration of their accounts and devices via the Luciditi App
  • Use own account alias in place of user Luciditi ID
  • Low-Code Integration (sub dozen lines)
  • Improve Cyber-Security posture and mitigate impact of credential leaks

Applies to

  • Mobile Apps
  • Web Sites
  • Desktop Applications

Age Restricted Access / Services

  • Obtain proof an individual is older or younger than X years
  • Estimate an individuals age using a selfie
  • Comply with age check compliance
  • Embed Luciditi UI and use own company branding
  • Step up from Age Estimation to Age Verification
  • Data Check or Full Age Verification with ID Document

Applies to

  • Venue Control (In Person)
  • Web Site Access Protection
  • Electronic Transaction Processing
  • Replace “I am 18+” with a real age challenge
  • Protect minors from inappropriate content and advertisements
  • Meet new legal requirements of age restriction and stay within the Law

Know Your Customer (KYC) Anti-Money Laundering (AML)

  • Detect known blacklist, PEP and Sanctioned persons
  • Confirm a financial footprint
  • Obtain copies of verified ID documentation on-demand

Applies to

  • Employee Onboarding
  • User Onboarding
  • Candidate Screening
  • Service Signup
  • Electronic Transaction Processing

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