Plug - Organise a demo

Organise a demo

Choosing to defend your organisation with Luciditi is quick and easy and requires no technical knowledge. Once established as an active ‘trusted organisation’, you’ll be up and running immediately.

The next step is to register your interest, obligation free, using the form below.

We will then contact you for an in-depth discussion to fully understand your particular needs and explain how Luciditi can be employed to address them.

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The Next Steps

1 - Understand how it works

1 - Understand how it works

Express your interest below and we will contact you to discuss your requirements, answer your questions and take you through our solution. When you are ready to move forward, we will ask you to complete an application and order form.

2 - Our validation process

2 - Our validation process

Once we receive your application and order form, we will perform our own validation of your organisation, ensuring that only genuine and authentic companies form part of our Network of Trust. Once your details have been attested, you will be enrolled as a trusted organisation on the Luciditi Service.

3 - Enable your defences

3 - Enable your defences

When your account is live you can start enrolling staff, customers and suppliers, so that you are able to validate the authenticity of your communication with them. Our technical team will be on hand to assist with integration and handle any technical queries.

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