Plug - Hospitality Household Checker
Bring customers back…Here’s how.

Hospitality Household Checker

Bring customers back…Here’s how.

We support the hospitality industry in getting the general public to safely use their services during this continued period of social constraint. It is highly likely that when the next government lock down eases there will still be the “rule of six” with only households of six or more people being able to meet in indoor social spaces. And this could be the norm until winter due to mutating viruses.

We understand the rule of six has been difficult for the hospitality industry to manage as Law Enforcement has required them to prove that people using their service are from the same household, and therefore many businesses were unable to open for fear of being fined or losing their licence.

We can help you solve this problem and provide your customers reassurance that they will be in a lower risk environment, because of the household checks you perform.

<p>Hospitality Household Checker</p>
<p><span style=Bring customers back…Here’s how.



Welcome Customers Again

1 - Understand how it works

1 - Understand how it works

Contact us and Sign-up as a Business Luciditi customer and download the app and register your staff that will be checking customer household status when they arrive.

Open up your booking and reservation systems again.

Specify that customers need to undergo a household status check to be eligible to use your service and visit your establishment.

Send them a link to our My Bubble page or an email with an invitation to register on the Luciditi App so they can validate their details.

2 - Our validation process

2 - Our validation process

Each member of the household (excluding children) will need to download the app and register using a unique code you provide to them.

The app asks each person to enter their details via their own phone, take a selfie and a picture of their passport photo ID page,  the app verifies the customer data and likeness against their passport and verifies their address with online databases.


3 - Comply with the Law

3 - Comply with the Law

When your party of customers arrive at the designated time, your staff use the app to display a bar-code which the customers scan with the app. Each time they scan your member of staff will see and get a record of the persons name a photo of them (to check they are genuinely present) and their current address, which should be the same for each member of that party.

You can thus have confidence that you have a legitimate household bubble and you have a record of party members should the police do a spot check.


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