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What are Luciditi Sign-up Codes?

Luciditi Sign-up Codes are required when choosing the Create Account option from within the Luciditi App.  After the Welcome Screen, you will be asked to enter your sign-up code before you can continue with identity verification.

Sign-up codes allow Luciditi Business Account holders to invite their users to join Luciditi and be notified when your account is live.  Sign-up codes are also generated when you apply for a personal Luciditi account.

IMPORTANT: you must use your code right away as it will expire after several minutes.  If you find your code is no longer valid, simply request a new one.

You will receive a Luciditi Sign-up Code when:

  • Using another App or Service

A code will typically be shown on-screen or will be sent via text or email as part of their process.

  • After Luciditi Personal Account Application

If you have applied for a personal Luciditi Account, we will send you a code via text or email on completion.

Demo Sign-up Codes

If you have been invited to participate in a Luciditi demonstration, please click here to request a code.  You will be provided with the code via text or email on approval.

I am an employee of a Business using Luciditi

Employees of Luciditi Business Account holders do not require Sign-up codes.  Instead you will receive an email with a one-time registration code which has a much longer expiry time.

Your employer will already have created your Luciditi account for you all you need to do is register your device using the Register Account option within the Luciditi App.

If you have arrived at this page via the Create Account option, you need to go back to the Setup Options page and click Register Account.  This will link your new business account to your organisation.

I’m expecting a code but it hasn’t arrived

Depending on the method of delivery, check your email junk/spam folders (if you find it, mark the email address as not-junk) or if the via text, an SMS blocker isn’t hiding it.  Emails and texts normally arrive within a 1-5 minutes.  If you still don’t receive it, double check the email address or mobile number that you provided and request a new.

Please ask if you need help

Click here to ask our support team for assistance and they’ll get you going in a jiffy!

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