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Trust is a two-way street

There should never be room for doubt, whether it’s proving identity, communicating, transacting, or exchanging critical data. That’s why the Luciditi Digital Identity Platform is the smart way to protect against fraud.

In just a few seconds, our easy-to-use and highly secure app verify all parties’ true identities in any online or offline interaction. That means everyone knows who they are REALLY dealing with, whether that’s you as a business or as an individual

The UK's first official Digital Proof of Age Card for UK residents 16 and over

Luciditi Age Proof is an approved PASS digital card - backed by the UK Government, Police & Security Industry Association. Available now on your smartphone via the Luciditi App.
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A secure, trusted and

Using a blend of leading AI and compliance technology, Luciditi’s seamless user experience is low friction for users at the point of identity creation and re-use.

Just a few ways to use Luciditi

An introduction to Luciditi

Protecting Data, Protecting Users and Reducing Fraud

Plugin Age & ID Verification

Don't re-invent the wheel when it comes to Age Assurance and Identity Verification. Drop in Luciditi's configurable verification UI inside your own Web Sites and Apps