Working together to prevent impersonation fraud

Protect your assets by verifying the identity of people you're communicating with

Feel safe from fraudulent callers

Luciditi allows you to check the caller is genuine, quickly and easily

Mitigate risk and build trust

It’s now routine to be contacted by people claiming to be from a familiar organisation with whom you have a relationship.  If it’s a telephone call they typically start with “Before I can talk to you, I need to take you through security”.

And that’s when the challenge starts.  Can you even remember your password or favourite place, let alone the 3rd and 6th digit of your pin? And should you be giving this information out to an unverified caller anyway? How do you know they are genuine?  What about taking them through security?

It’s virtually impossible to quickly establish proof with certainty; the best you can do is find a legitimate phone number and call them back, before they move onto another call.

Luciditi addresses these issues with a simple digital solution that can be implemented by any genuine organisation. It permits the caller to improve their security process and allows the person receiving the call to verify the caller is genuine before they supply information which might (and should) make them anxious. It can also be used to provide consent and to exchange information securely as an alternative to sending by email.

If you want to be certain that the people you’re communicating with are who they say they are, you need Luciditi.

<p><b>Mitigate risk</b> and build trust</p>
<p>Using Luciditi in <b>Business</b></p>
Plug - Using Luciditi in Business

Using Luciditi in Business

Luciditi has a web portal for organisations along with an optional API for integrating tightly into existing systems where required. We make it as simple as possible for any size of organisation to implement a “defence against deception” within their existing business processes. Coupled with an App for use by staff, business partners and customers, you can quickly build a network of trusted communication among your key stakeholders.

Plug - For Individuals

For Individuals

Luciditi will reduce your risk and worry. The companies you deal with are as aware of the impact of fraud as you are, and increasingly you’ll be offered the opportunity to manage your two-way security validation through Luciditi.

If you have relationships with organisations not yet offering this facility, then please contact them and suggest they talk to us. Together we can build a network of trust.

<p>For <b>Individuals</b></p>
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Defence against Deception(Because things aren't always as they seem)

Defence against Deception

(Because things aren't always as they seem)